WEBBOT is a Google-like web search engine, it can crawl the web page through internet, and then parse and index the web page content, when user use keywords, the system will return relative search result.


Product Feature:

o 支持自定义抓取的网站列表。
o 支持自定义抓取的网站页面深度和广度。
o 支持自定义网站抓取频率。
o 支持网页内部电子邮件地址收集。
o 支持查询内容精确、模糊匹配。
o 支持AND、OR、NOT条件查询。
o 支持网页内不同位置查询。
o 支持同一单词不同形式查询。
o 支持单词自动更正推荐查询。

o Support user defined website list.
o Support user defined web page level.
o Support user defined crawl period.
o Support collect email address in web page.
o Support fuzzy and exactly match keywords.
o Support AND, OR, NOT condition search.
o Support different part search in web page.
o Support recommend word list search.
o Support word auto correct search.

WEBBOT online demo:

Prodcut Device:

Product AIM:

Our aim is to offer a search engine hardware device just like Google Mini. Also we plan to build a general internet web seach engine just like www.google.com, basicly, we can only offer websites search service in Canada zone at first.